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Mole Removal Services

Spring is almost here! As the ground thaws moles become more active in yards and mulch beds.  If you see tunnels or mounds in your yard, be proactive and call us today for mole removal service.  It could save you hundreds of dollars in lawn and garden repairs.


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Raccoons and Squirrels will seek out your attics and chimneys as a den for their young.  Our team s are experts in locating unwanted house guests and can safely and humanely remove them from your home.  Call us at the first signs of these unwanted house guests.   We can take care of all your nuisance wildlife problems!


Schedule Critter Removal: 513-708-0369

Geese Management

Wildlife Removal Service offer a wide range of Geese management services including preventative nesting services, aggressive geese removal, nest removal and roundups.   We can assist you in obtaining permits from the state of Ohio, and will set up a program custom tailored to your property's unique needs.  We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous service.  

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