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Chipmunk Removal


Chipmunks are small rodents characterized by their reddish-brown color and black stripes down their backs.  They have pouched cheeks used for storing and carrying food. 

Fun Facts:

  • Breeding Period: February – April & June - August
  • Litter Size: 2-5 pups
  • Gestation period: 31 days
  • Life Span: 3 years
  • Food: Omnivore diet including seeds, fruits, nuts, meat, eggs, insects, and bulbs

Habitat and Habits:

Chipmunks’ live in forests and brushy areas, where they burrow shallow homes in the ground.  These burrows can be identified by 3 to 4 inch holes and are commonly concealed by leaves or rocks.

Common Problems:

Chipmunks burrow under sidewalks, driveways and into drain pipes, which can cause cracking and erosion problems.

It is against the State of Ohio’s law to release or relocate any animal on the land(s) of another without a written permit from the landowner. Our wildlife specialists are available to safely remove these creatures from your property, so don’t hesitate to call Jay @ (513) 479-7271.

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