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Ohio has four types of squirrels: gray, fox, red, and flying.  Gray squirrels are the most common in Ohio. They are characterized by gray fur with orange tips giving the squirrel a reddish tint. Their bellies are grayish-white to a brownish-red color.

Fun Facts: 

  • Breeding Period: December- January & May - June
  • Gestation Period: 44 days
  • Litter Size: 2 – 3 offspring
  • Life Span: 3 – 4 years
  • Adult weight: 12 – 24 oz.
  • Adult height: 8 – 10 in.
  • Food: Omnivore diet including insects, small mammals, fish, crustaceans, fruits, grasses, leaves, buds, grains, nuts, and carrion. 

Habitat and Habits:

Squirrels are very adaptable and commonly live in leaf nests in tree trunks or on tree limbs.  Their nests are made of leaves, twigs and grass and are one to two-feet in diameter. These dens are usually 20 feet off the ground. Squirrels do not hibernate during the winter. Instead they continually search for food, such as acorns, which they have buried in the ground throughout the year. 

Common Problems:

Squirrels enter homes through holes in soffits, gutter boards, attic vents, or uncapped chimneys, where they chew on house wiring, duct work, and insulation. Attics and chimneys are ideal dens for squirrels especially in colder weather and overhanging tree limbs provide easy access to roofs.  If these problems aren’t remedied by a licensed wildlife specialist squirrels could get into other areas of your home and cause more expensive damage.

It is against the State of Ohio’s law to release or relocate any animal on the land(s) of another without a written permit from the landowner. Our wildlife specialists are available to safely remove these creatures from your property, so don’t hesitate to call Jay @ (513) 479-7271.

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