Nuisance Geese

Mother Goose on a nest

March 3, 2013

Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area

Throughout the tri-state area, many newer developments have holding ponds that provide attractive areas for residents to walk around, fish, or just view on a sunset evening out their patio.  These areas are also very attractive for the tri-state's growing Canada Geese population.  While a few geese are idyllic on the pond, when these geese pair up and have little ones year after year, soon a few geese become a flock and can become a nuisance.

Why a nuisance?

There are several reason a property association should consider geese management to contain the population to manageable and sustainable numbers.  A pond can only support a finite number of geese depending on it's size.  If the population is not controlled, the waste from the geese could kill the pond.  However, this is normally not the issue in our area.  The main issue is a safety issue for residents. 

Geese tend to become aggressive in the spring when they pair up.  The males, or ganders, guard the goose and the nest.  Geese have no fear of people, and will not hesistate to attack.    People are normally hurt, sometime seriously, when an attack occurs by falling or being scratched.

Geese are also very messy.  The walkways residents use to jog, run or walk around the pond are the same walkways the geese use or cross when they feed.  Wherever they walk, they leave behind droppings.  This can cause a health hazard.


What can be done?

There are many things that can be done to reduce the geese population to a sustainable number.  One is to follow the rule to 'Never Feed The Geese'.  This forces the geese to rely on nature to provide food.   They will move on and reduce in numbers when too many are trying to forage in an area that is too small. 

However, if geese are paring up, Wildlife Removal Services has several means to discourage pairs from nesting.  With spring just around the corner, we are already seeing evidence of geese pairing up.  It will not be long before they start to nest and a new generation of goslings are here. 

Call us at 513-479-7271 and ask for Jay to discuss a Geese Management program for your home owners association or commercial property.  We are here to partner with you to help prevent issues and preserve those idyllic settings.








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