Wildlife Removal Services provides a wide range of services related to removing wildlife from residential and commercial properties in the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton areas. 

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Attic damage from a family of raccoon tenents

If you have an animal causing problems, they are most likely causing damage whether it is to the attic, yard, under your porch or on the roof.  Whatever the damage, it needs to be repaired after the animal is removed to keep other animals from entering and to protect your property from the weather elements. 

Wildlife Removal Services can help you with this.  We do minor repairs to soffits, roof vents and attic vents.  If your chimney does not have a chimney cap or it is damaged, we can replace it for you without needing to hire someone else. If there are roof vents that need caps, we can handle that, too.   For more extensive damage, we will recommend other service providers to assist with major repairs.  In the meantime, we will cover the area with temporary screening to discourage an unwanted tenant.

This picture is an example of raccoon damage in the attic.  This was extensive damage to the furnace heat ducting.  The raccoons made a home in the attic and tore into the heating system.  These folks had a few cold nights until the raccoons were removed and the ducts were replaced.