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Snapping Turtles as a Pet?

My grandson asked if a snapping turtle would be a good pet. "No", I said, "Not unless you are in a zoo!"

Seriously, unless you are an experienced turtle keeper, a snapping turtle is not a good selection as a pet. This guy can bite your hand even if you are holding the back sides of his shell. Snapping turtles have very long necks and not very great dispositions. This can cause a dangerous situation to the the person trying to hold the turtle if not experienced and careful.

Snapping turtles are known to be inquisitive at times and there are reports of them approaching people, however this is rare. Usually they will try to retreat from people, however, they can be aggressive if approached on land or handled.

Best is a word of caution. Do not approach or attempt to handle. And definitely to do attempt to keep as a pet!

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